Wooden utensil in himalayans


Do you know that how to make butter from curd in Uttarakhand villages and which utensil used to keep curd for long time. “Paredu” is the utensil used for making butter from curd and “Parothi” is utensil for keeping curd long time.Today post is about two wooden utensil called “Paredu” and “Parothi”.

For reading in garhwali: भीमळ की लेतँण और सांदण की परोठी

A common Paredu can keep 20~50 liter curd while Parothi is very small with 5~10 liter capacity.I have never seen personally but my father said old time there were people called “Chuner” who make this utensil by visiting village to village.For making this utensil keep wood rotating with the help of water turbine and drill with scrape, center part of wood to make hollow round portion in the wood. Once wood is hollow completely in the center part the next work is to do micro work from outer side of the wood to enhance its outside looking. To make one big vessel it took 5~6 hours.

The use of of the vessel is to keep curd milk as well as make butter from curd.
There are 3 main instrument of this process.
1- Rodi – long stick dissolve into curd for churning butter milk.
2- Letan – Its a rope with some small stick to hold in the hand for rotating “Rodi”.
3- Please check photo and let me know this part name, basically this part give support for “Rodi” with wall for giving rotational stability.

Once finished with the process of making butter keep open end down and close end in the air to avoid moisture in the vessel. The other use of the vessel is to hold Brass plate for for making music in folk song with “Daunri and Thali”. The food in this vessel keep protein as it is in the food compare to steel with keeping these minerals only 20~30%, Somehow wood vessel is good for health without any side effect. Parothi and Paredu is made from the wood called “Geenthi” with biological name “Boehmeria Rugulosa” and locally known as “Sandan”.The wood of this tree absorb less water with due to that it avoid moisture and we can keep using it for long time.

For reading in garhwali: भीमळ की लेतँण और सांदण की परोठी

Declaimer: All photos and video in this post is not clicked by “Khuded Pravasi”, we did just editing. It is downloaded from various Facebook groups.If someone clicked it personally please show us original copy in order to receive name in credit part.

Due to demand of this vessel become less and less in the market, the traditional woodcraft maker known as “Chuner” has been change their profession for surviving in daily life. There are few people still left in Rudraprayag and Bageshwar district who are making vessel in winter. This art is sitting in the edge of dying. My message for people reading this post, I understand the way of life and lifestyle both changed but we need to think about preserving this art before complete die, you can not buy big utensil but you can think about to buy small one Parothi. This post is dedicated to all wooden artist who are surviving in their daily life and not getting proper fund or support from others.


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