Mixi of the mountains silbatta

Byo Barat Wedding
Byo Barat Wedding

Today my post is about “Batan” which is called “silbatta” in hindi. It might be possible that some people do not know what it is so, let me give a brief history of this small kitchen utensil which is used to grind spices like other grinder and mortar and pestle.

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With the advent of new technology and easily accessible morden handy machinery the use of silbatta has been greatly reduced.I feel happy that even now there are people who, even after leaving their village have brought their silbatta along, in order to keep the authentic taste alive especially in the himalayan pahadi cuisines. Silbatta is not only used in Uttarakhand but also in many states all around India such as Rajasthan and southern part. It is also used in many countries around the globe like Peru , Bolivia and other southern american states.

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Silbatta is divided into two parts: the first one is called ‘sil’ (plain stone) and second one is ‘batta’ ( a long roller). Usually silbatta is kept  in a clean corner, against a wall. For using it is laid down and generally spices (such as turmeric, cloves, various kinds of leaves) are grinded manually. In Uttarakhand importance of silbatta is a bit high than other parts. During marriage, there is an auspicious ceremony in which turmeric is grinded in silbatta which is then used as a body mask for the bride/groom to be.Silbatta is also popularly used for making split black gram(Udad daal) batter, which is used for making deep fried dishes (pakodas).Silbattas are often marked with tilak(vermillion and turmeric’s holy mark) before performing some traditional rituals. Usually, most of the authentic flavors of wedding cuisines pass through silbatta.

Different Type Of Silbatta
Different Type Of Silbatta

Silbatta has certain scientific and ayurvedic benefits. Slow grinding prevents extreme loss of oil from the food material, thereby retaining its nutritional values.The silbatta stone is also rich in mineral content.It is also a good form of exercise and will also save your penny.

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“If you are thinking to make rock salt and chutney I would suggest you to try it on silbatta. You can easily buy it from villages and online stores. Now you know the importance of silbatta, so use it for its authentic taste and promote others too. Let me know if you have more information about silbatta”



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