Somewhere in kumaun

Garhwali Kumauni Vocabulary Games 1

निस द्वी फोटो पर नंबर छन पड्यां, अब बतावा यूँ नबरूँ की सामणी वाली चीज तें गढ़वाली/कुमाउँनी मा क्या क्या बोल्दा? फटाफट कमेंट या शेयर करीक ह्मवेन भी बतावा 🙂

There are numbers written in the photo shown below, let’s see who know, what we call these things in Garhwali or Kumauni(English is optional). Please write down in the comments below or if you know just share and tell others with #khuded_pravasi_garhwali #khuded_pravasi_kumauni tag 🙂

Header photo credit:  Ajay Kanyal


Chamoli Garhwal Nandadevi
Chamoli Garhwal Nandadevi

PC: Anoop Aswal


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